When the waves are good, they’re good. When they’re good for a few days in a row, who cares how tired or sore you are because it’s just too tempting not to grab your board and head out. We want to keep you surfing as much as you want to.

Surfers are likely to experience strain in their shoulders, lower back and neck from paddling. Surfing can be hard on the knees and repetitive use of many areas of the body is going to increase the likelihood of joint issues and overall strain and inflammation in the body. Surfing is extremely demanding on the body and making sure that you are fit to be out on the water will not only help you catch waves but it will keep you safe. In order to experience longevity in the water without sustaining chronic injuries, it’s best to keep up with the demands your body has when it comes to this extreme sport.

Besides helping to heal injuries or encouraging the body to be less sore, acupuncture can increase your performance by keeping not only your body strong but also your mind.

Let’s go through the full list of benefits that acupuncture has when it comes to surfing, and any sport.

Acupuncture can:

• Encourage muscle recovery

• Strengthen tendons and ligaments

• Decrease pain

• Help in healing injuries

• Improve circulation to muscles and joints

• Break up scar tissue

• Improve flexibility

• Remove lactic acid buildup and cellular waste in the tissue

• Break up scar tissue

• Improve range of motion

• Decrease soreness

• Improve energy levels

• Improve mental focus

Along with acupuncture, massage can also be a beneficial addition to how you choose to care for your body. If you are reading this after a day on the water, melting in to the couch with a sore body, we encourage you to make an appointment with your favorite local acupuncturist or find a community acupuncture offering to frequent!

See you out in the water!



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