There’s still time to recover before the holidays so you can enjoy them. This is usually the time that people are starting to wish the holidays away and longing for the beginning of the new year so they can regain routine. This is the time when people start planning their boundaries for next year about how they will do it differently. Social engagements, busy work schedules, financial stress, planning, planning, planning, planning and the emotional energy that comes along with the holidays (for a variety of reasons) are too often a recipe for burnout. Let’s change that.

Here are some ways you can start changing your ways right now so you can enjoy the holidays this year and not wait for next year to do it differently

1. Take time for you.

Before you say that you don’t have time, hear me out. It can be three breaths. Having your coffee in silence. Putting your phone down and taking a moment to close your eyes and check in with in with yourself. I know it feels like there isn’t any time in the day and how could you possibly add something more in. Don’t! You don’t need more time; you just need to reallocate or refrain from consistently multitasking and be present with the moment you’re in. This is a mindset. Exhale.

2. Let it go

Some things can’t get done. You might feel resistance to this one but I promise the holidays won’t crumble if you don’t get that last batch of cookies baked or the last decorations don’t get put up or if the closets don’t get organized. Whatever you can let go of- do it. The work after that is to really let go. Don’t feel guilty, don’t keep thinking about it- let it go. This is easier said than done, but it is possible and it will free up energy for you to truly enjoy the holidays and the people around you. That is what the holidays are about after all.

3. Outsource

What do you want to let go of but still has to get done? Is there someone else that can take it on? Getting take-out from a local restaurant so you don’t have to worry about cooking or dishes, getting Christmas baking from a local shop or employing someone to come clean your place or walk your dog are all ways that you can support yourself, your community and the ones you love. The more you free up your energy, the more you can truly enjoy the holidays and be sure that you skip burn out this year.

4. Drink water.

This will be on most lists for most things because water makes your life better in every way. When you’re hydrated, you can avoid many symptoms that commonly occur around digestion, headaches and recovery. There doesn’t need to be much time spent selling you on this, you already know that water is good. This is just a reminder to keep drinking it even (especially) during the busy season

5. Book bodywork

We are biased on this because body work has significantly improved our lives in every way. So much so that many of us have dedicated our lives to it or at least our careers. This is time for you to be taken care of. You are doing so much on top of facing the emotional impacts of holiday time, you deserve a focused hour (or more) to dedicate to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Taking this time will give back in dividends. The rejuvenation that happens during one appointment can be the difference between a holiday meltdown and holiday cheer.

You don’t have to take on all of these things, you can take on one and you will notice a shift. If you head to our booking site and don’t see an appointment you want, make sure you get on to the waitlist because there are cancellations and you’re due for a holiday miracle!


Happy Holidays from the team at Harbour Health!!



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