There are studies that support massage as a beneficial non-medication treatment for
children with ADHD (and adults). One of the most notable portions of one study in particular
was talking to the parents of the children who were in the trial. The parents shared that
having a hand in making their children feel better through at home massage or booking for
them, gave them satisfaction, a sense of control over the situation and relief. There were
many more benefits and three of them I have listed below!

  • Improved Sleep

Sleep issues like falling sleep and staying asleep, are common in children with ADHD. There
is speculation that the ADHD medication has a hand in this. When a child has trouble
sleeping, they will wake up tired and the cycle will continue to perpetuate itself. ADHD
symptoms can heighten when children are tired.
Massage therapy can help children fall asleep faster and get them in to a state where they
will stay asleep throughout the night.

  • Heightened Focus

Focus is usually the textbook issue when it comes to ADHD. After massage therapy,
concentration will improve and they will be able to hold their focus longer. Alertness in the
classroom was proven to be heightened with consistent massage therapy treatments.
Fidgeting was also reduced. Consistent massage treatments will foster lasting effects.

  • Enhanced Mood

    During massage, feel good hormones are released in to the body. This will result in a short-
    term improvement in a child’s mood and help with a calming effect. In the long-term, with

    more consistent massage therapy treatments, these effects can last much longer and
    significantly improve your, and your child’s quality of life.


These benefits will support kids and adults with ADHD and also everyone! If you are
struggling with sleep, focus or mood- you might want to book a massage or call some friends
over for a massage train.



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