At Harbour Health we are so lucky to have an Osteopathic Practitioner on board. If you’re not sure what Osteopathy is, we wanted to give you the low down. Firstly, Francesca Mason is our resident practitioner that is offering these services and she’s exceptional at her practice.

Osteopathy works by optimizing your body’s innate ability to heal using a variety of manual techniques. Your practitioner focuses on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs work with each other.

Osteopathy acknowledges the connection between the structure of your body, the way it functions and how that can affect your systems beyond the physical.

An osteopathy appointment will start with intentional listening where the practitioner will be present with your unique story. This is a mind, body and spirit approach that is aiming to treat the root cause of your symptoms because the physical body is viewed as a whole, connected system that influences your mental, emotional and spiritual self. An osteopathic practitioner is taking in to consideration your medical history, lifestyle and health goals and the symptoms you are experiencing today when making your treatment plan. From there, your practitioner will use skilled palpation and manual techniques to influence your systems and encourage your natural inclination to heal. Osteopathy is practiced to enhance your overall sense of wellbeing

Here is a list from Osteopathy BC outlining how osteopathy can help you.

An osteopathy appointment could benefit you if you’re experiencing:

• Neck and back pain and tension

• Headaches

• Sleep or energy issues

• Sports injuries

• Concussion

• Injuries from car accidents

• Repetitive strain injuries

• Joint or muscle pain

• Digestive, respiratory or menstrual problems

• Pre and post-natal support

• Jaw dysfunction

• Stress and tension

• Postural issues

• Joint stiffness

If you’re looking for a modality that is built on the foundation of seeing you as a whole, unique person and you are experiencing some stubborn physical symptoms, it may be time to book your osteopathy appointment

Lastly, It’s important to note that osteopathy is a complimentary manual therapy that will not diagnose conditions and it is recommended to work concurrently with your family doctor for diagnosis and management of any conditions or health concerns.



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